Monday, March 11, 2013

First Weekend In Stuttgart (Germany)

After a long wait, Yeah! Finally I got my first Visa to Germany & I am travelling for 2 months to Stuttgart with my family. Last few weeks were too busy in shopping and packing. This is my first international visit, so I was doubly sure that I should not miss our basics requirements & medicine in my travelling kit.
 We had a connecting flight, from Bangalore to Frankfurt via Abu Dhabi & last  one hour journey by train from Frankfurt to Stuttgart. During the travel my son had fever. That is why he didn't enjoy the journey. Reaching Germany I also catches cold. But now we both are fine and enjoying the weather and beauty of the city.

Saturday we went for a nature walk first. If you know me, you know that I always love nature.

 look at this beautiful tree!! It has the most amazing branches.

There were some beautiful ducks in the garden.

Here's a closeup. I want to paint a picture this cute one.

Aachman ( my son) enjoyed a lot there.

I collected some dry branches for paint .

Oh It was chilly and a bit windy ! But was awesome....:)

Next day On Sunday we met some friends of my husband.It was a gorgeous and sunny day .

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Himadri Pachori said...

oh how I love this place and these pictures are beautiful. I love those ducks too. Keep posting girl. U r looking lovely and fresh.