Monday, January 14, 2013

Warli inspired art

Warli art is a beautiful folk art of Maharashtra traditionally created by tribal women. Tribal people express themselves in vivid. In their paintings they express everyday life using extremely basic object forms.Warli paintings are pointers- they fulfil a purpose .They show rituals at birth ,marriage,a life full of dance and music,livelihood,connectivity with death and life .Its one of the most aesthetically appealing forms of art.Warli art is simple yet rich.
               Happy to see Warli art tradition is coming back in modern time.Many new artist using this art form in their artwork and their effort to make this art unique is appreciable. Checkout this post
Warli Painting: Traditional Art form Of India Turning Heads in Modern Era. This post is really very unique and different. Take a look at these wonderful ideas to get this traditional art form in your home.

Here I am  sharing my artwork inspired by warli art.

Dimension : 7" by 10"  

made on 300 gsm thick, acid free and archival paper


Priti Singh said...

Thanks for sharing my post over here Priyanka. You seem to be a professional artist. Your warli art is very neat and unique...wishes! :)

Lindsay Whimsy said...

Beautiful work. All of your art is amazing and very beautiful. Lindsay

Upasana Trivedi said...

hey priyanka....u hav lovely collection of beautiful paintings... whenever I'll hav my own home.. I wana decorate that wid ur beautiful paintings. Be in touch till that time..hahaaaaa

Priyanka Rastogi said...

hey Upasana....nice two see you here!!Thanx alot dear n ofcourse we'll be in touch forever.