Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nature inspires

Every art is unique and represent the feeling of its artist. All artist take inspiration from somewhere or the other such as from the nature, people, animals, birds, monsters, fairies & even sometimes from the dreams. Inspirations are everywhere around us but it depends on the person who sees it. Different artwork inspire us & fill our heart with joy & happiness. I think above all artist God is the biggest artist who made such lovely & beautiful things around us. Every aspect of nature is beautiful ,awesome , wonderful , it refresh our mood & uplift our spirit also ......
I took these clicks through my nature walk. That day I was little bit upset but when I saw all trees, flowers, grass, sky, birds, falling leaves around me n yes I stand up quickly & click these photos .With my every click I was feeling relax...:)

look at these lovely flowers blooming all together
now it was sunset time but my son (Aachman) was still playing in playground , not  ready for back home


Himadri Pachori said...

Aww..i am so happy that u r writing ur feelings here. Love what u have written and nice clicks. I love achman's pic. U know wht I have clicked some pics of flowers too(from my garden)Flowers are a grt inspiration for our artworks. Hugs.

priyanka rastogi said...

Thanx Himadri for your encouraging words.Your support is very important to me.Always be same.Love you.