Friday, May 25, 2012

My Whimsy Style

These days i am trying for whimsical art.Its a vibrant and playful style of art.Its characteristically (but not necessarily) bright,colorful,fun,and carefree.This artwork lifts the spirit and makes you happy.
               Whimsical art is artwork created in a style that is unique,out of ordinary or fanciful.Their subject matter is sometimes may be humourous.
All whimsical artist are different in their work.Some paint people,some paint animals,monsters,fairies etc and while other paint landscapes.I also started my whimsical work with nature.I love to make flowers,clouds,rainbow,leaves,grass,trees,butterflies etc.You can see different aspects of nature in my whimsical paintings.
These all my nature paintings made in whimsical style. But i also want to paint people in my style and will definitely try for this.            

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